Beauty of the Fall - 

A student-led event for the ArtCenter community 

Developed with Michelle Kim, along with 22 creative superstars, under the guidance of Sherry Hoffman and Gerardo Herrera, I led a 22-student transdisciplinary studios course to create the third completely student-led TEDx event at ArtCenter College of Design.

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This one day TEDx event centers around challenging the perception of failure, featuring 14 speakers for a 300+ audience.

As co-organizer of this event, I was involved with every aspect of planning and execution. Here are a list of things I was lucky enough to learn and improve by doing:

+Branding Strategy

+Project Management


+Speaker Curation

+Public Relations

+Community Outreach



+Marketing Strategy


TED talks have been a major source of my learning for the better part of a decade. As a generation afforded with such an abundance of wisdom, I feel incredibly lucky. This is my way of giving back to the ocean of collective wisdom out there, hoping that, one day, one or two of speakers that have graced our stage at TEDxACCD will leave a lasting impression on someone to live life to the fullest.

Special thanks to Fred Fehlau,  Dr. Lorne Buchman, Emily Laskin,  Nik Hafermaas, India Dunnington, Petrula Vrontikis, Rob Ball,  Regina Dowling-Jones, Christine Hanson, Jojo Tardino-Diedrich, Jered Gold,  Kristine Bowne, Robbie Nock, Ty Powe, Jeffrey Ruiz, Ray Quirolgico, Celeste Guarneri,  and many more admin and faculty members of ArtCenter. Commercial shot and produced by Emily Müller.  All event photos by Eric Ng.

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